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DataGridXL is a performant and reliable vanilla Javascript data grid with Excel-like controls.

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Main Features

Performance First

DataGridXL is able to display thousands of rows and 60+ columns without a hiccup. Instead of useless features, your users get a performant grid. How’s that for a change?

Lightweight and Fashion-free

DataGridXL does not require any dependencies. No jQuery, no React, no Vue; simply no fashion. It’s available in timeless Vanilla flavour only. It works today and it will work tomorrow.

Familiar Interface

Your users will immediately know how to use DataGridXL, since common keyboard, mouse AND (readonly) touch controls are carefully copied from Microsoft Excel and Google Spreadsheets.

Works with CSV, JSON and 2D arrays

Support for all compatible formats. Import CSV data, display a large Javascript 2D array or a JSON array coming from database tables. Export options built-in.


DataGridXL carefully keeps a store & state. It means that reordering or moving columns/rows will never accidentally mess up your DOM.


Include datagridxl.js in your web page HTML file:

<script src=""></script>

Then create a new grid:

var options = {
    data: [...]
var grid = new DataGridXL("grid", options);

Learn more by reading the Getting Started article.


This DataGridXL software is free under a linkware license.

This means you may not remove or hide in any other way link to DataGridXL web site -

If you wish to remove the link, you should purchase commercial license.

You may not redistribute, sublicense or sell this program without written permission of Vanilla Components, the creator of DataGridXL software.

This software is provided without warranty.

Commercial license

To purchase a commercial license for the current version of this library, visit DataGridXL Online Store

More info

Visit the DataGridXL website for more information and documentation.

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