Best JavaScript Data Grids and Spreadsheets


Datagrids don’t have to be difficult to use anymore - say hi to Ingrid. Ingrid is an unobtrusive jQuery component that adds datagrid behaviors like column resizing, paging, sorting, row and column styling (and more) to your tables.

Ingrid’s got 3 main parts: a header, a body, and a paging control. The header is a table with <th>‘s as columns; the body is a table nested in a scrollable div; the paging control is a plain old div with links styled as buttons.


  • Resizable columns, Scrolling body, Paging Toolbar and Column Sorting (server-side).
  • Saved State (navigate away from Ingrid, come back, and she reloads your last viewed page/sort/direction). Uses jQ cookie plugin
  • Row selection. (Ingrid remembers this too.)
  • Exposed object model with exposed helper methods (ingrid.load(), ingrid.getColumn(), ingrid.getRows(), ingrid.getSelectedRows(), etc)
  • Custom row styling.


Multiple rows selection

Ingrid multiple rows selection

Data pagination

Ingrid data pagination


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  • License: MIT
  • Author: Matthew Knight
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