Best JavaScript Data Grids and Spreadsheets


Spreadsheet is a fully functional native javascript spreadsheet. It is inspired by Google sheets, shares similar functionality, but is 100% original hand coded.


  • Frozen rows or columns
  • Resize columns
  • Resize rows
  • Hide or show the column selector
  • Hide or show the row selector
  • Select a cell
  • Select a range
  • Clear or reset cells in a range[s]
  • Scroll to row or column
  • Add new rows
  • Add new columns
  • Remove rows
  • Remove columns
  • Insert rows
  • Move columns
  • Move rows
  • Copy or cut range[s]
  • Paste copied range[s]
  • Merge cells in range[s]
  • Unmerge cells in range[s]
  • Undo the last action
  • Hide or show rows
  • Hide or show columns
  • Group rows
  • Ungroup rows
  • Show the formatting modal
  • Cell formatting - general/all options
  • Cell formatting - font colors and styling
  • Cell formatting - alignment
  • Cell formatting - cell type (dropdown or text)
  • Cell formatting - giving cells hash tags
  • Cell formatting - cell content validation
  • Cell borders
  • Set the value or formula of a cell
  • Change the size of the sheet matrix
  • Sort a range[s] of cells



ipgrid table preview

ipgrid copy selection

ipgrid table copy selection

ipgrid formula assign

ipgrid table formula assign

ipgrid frozen columns

ipgrid table frozen columns

ipgrig group rows

ipgrid table group rows


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  • License: MIT
  • Author: Michael Roberg
  • Last update: N/A