Best JavaScript Data Grids and Spreadsheets



Built from the bottom up for simplicity jQuery.sheet

  • 100% free and open source
  • Runs completely in the browser
  • No strings attached simple architecture
  • An open and flexible API
  • Support for HTML, JSON, and XML
  • Collaborative
  • Syntax Highlighting
  • MIT license

Wicked Fast

We’ve pulled out all the stops and strapped a rocket to this thing!

  • Resource light
  • Multi threading & natural processing
  • Massive Spreadsheets in under a second
  • Can handle ANY size spreadsheet

Enterprise Ready

jQuery.sheet has been engineered for speed and is used by many fortune 500 companies.

  • Stable and tested
  • Big Data ready
  • Thousands of installations all over the world!


Toolbar example

WickedGrid toolbar example

Bar chart in a cell

WickedGrid bar chart in a cell

Horizontal bar chart in a cell

WickedGrid horizontal bar chart in a cell

Line chart in a cell

WickedGrid line chart in a cell

Pie chart in a cell

WickedGrid pie chart in a cell


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  • License: MIT
  • Author: visopdev
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