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This plugin was created when i was upgrading a small framework of mine and i needed a table to present the records. It was then when i first heard about jQuery library and began to study it. Then i have seen tablesorter plugin and thought it was exact thing that i needed to my project. I needed to add some functionality to it, though. Firstly, i noticed that when i filled tablesorter with a big ammount of data and turned ‘pagination’ option on, my browsers [firefox and opera] just went nuts when it came to memory usage. So i thought i could add my own method of pagination. Then, i wanted to add some filtering and thirdly, i needed to combine it with the models of my framework (so that the tablesorter would sort of “create” the sql queries for me. I think i have succeded :)


Filter by value

tgrid filter by value

Data pagination

tgrid data pagination


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